Poultry Wormer

All free range poultry are susceptible to infection by parasitic worms and that is why we are registered to sell fully licensed poultry wormer to help control levels of infection. We keep Heygates Layers Pellets + Flubenvet in stock in two different sizes, please see below for prices:

Heygates Layers Pellets + Flubenvet 20kg £12

Heygates Layers Pellets + Flubenvet   5kg £6

This is similar to normal layers pellets but with the Flubenvet wormer mixed in ready. It involves feeding only this to your chicken for 7 consecutive days so one 20kg bag will treat about 20 hens. There is no egg withdrawal with Flubenvet so eggs can be presented for human consumption during treatment however birds should not be slaughtered for human consumption untill 7 days after the end of treatment.


Based on typical worm populations, all outdoor poultry should be wormed 4 time a year.

A low level infection can cause changes in yolk colour, shell quality and the number of eggs produced. More severe infections can reduce the amount chickens eat, can cause diarrhoea and even death. Birds become infected by consuming infected insects such as earth worms, or by consuming worms or worm eggs directly from contaminated pasture. Worm eggs can even be carried in by boots, wheelbarrows etc. so good biosecurity measures are vital as preventitive measures. You can also keep feeders and drinkers clean, prevent wild birds coming near your flock by keeping feeders and drinkers out of reach and even keep the grass short to expose any worm eggs to sunlight all as preventitive measures.